Falin and Severus
Snape Family
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mixed bloods

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Slytherin (Severus, Falin, Mirianda and Illumine)


Snape is the surname of a family with both Muggle and magical members. In modern times, they resided in a house on Spinner's End. Mr. and Mrs. Evans and their daughters Petunia and Lily lived nearby. The Snapes are related to the pure-blood Prince Family.

The family motto is Amor et virtus which is Latin for Love and virtue.

Severus Snape, who grew up on Spinner's End later moved to Devil's Abode. Sometime before 1960, pure-blood witch Eileen Prince married Muggle Tobias Snape. They had one child, half-blood wizard Severus Snape. The marriage seemed to be unhappy, as they lived in near-destitution, frequently argued, and were neglectful of their son.

With Severus's death in 1998, the Snape family may have become extinct, as Severus had no siblings and his only son died in 1996. Though upon later discovery, Falin Snape had a son, Sayik who kept the family extant.

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