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Mooney Madness - or Luna Insaniam, is a state of mind where certain enzymes are blocked from the brain, resulting in chatastrophic results that play over a series of approximately ten years. The only known explanation for how the blockage occurs is from having Read more...

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THE ENTIRETY OF THIS WIKI SUCKS, SO DO THE FANFICTIONS IT PORTRAYS, SO DOES THE AUTHOR THEMSELF. But don't worry, everything is currently being overhauled. Please be patient while construction is underway!

The Boy No One Knew has been removed from and is being skinned, gutted, and glued back together as an original novel.

New Story The Perks of Being a Gryffindor by Cerenbus.Snape.Malfoy published 08/02/15

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The wiki has just undergone a style change, and as such, some things have yet to be updated. If you notice anything that has been overlooked, please leave a message on User:CaptFredricks or User:Cerenbus.Snape.Malfoy's wall.

New Story Dramione by Cerenbus.Snape.Malfoy published 06/25/15

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New Story The Extendable Ears by Cerenbus.Snape.Malfoy published 12/31/14

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