Hermione Granger

(Draco Malfoy)

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In Your Shoes

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  • Brown, bushy
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  • Brown
  • Silver/blue
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  • Light
  • Pale
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Hermione Jean Granger (b. September 19, 1979) was the only daughter of Muggles Mr and Mrs Granger, both dentists in London. At age eleven, Hermione learned that she was a witch and had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She began attending the school on 1 September, 1991 where she was subsequently sorted into Gryffindor House. She developed a strong hatred for Draco Malfoy, which was both mutual and extreme.

In the summer between third and fourth year, Hermione woke up in Draco's body. The two had been switched, and were forced to live each other's lives and work together to find a solution.

Summer BreakEdit

Hermione became accustomed to her role as Draco Malfoy rather quickly, learning to walk like him, talk like him, dance like him and be him. Whereas Draco did things to jeopardize his cover, Hermione "stuck to the script" so to speak and no one ever suspected a thing. She played her part so well, that even Draco himself became convinced after sneaking into the Malfoy ball that she was another version of himself.

Later, however, back at Hogwarts, Hermione began trying to ruin Draco's life in return, after figuring out that Draco had been lying and doing terrible things while in her body to ruin her life.


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