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Devil's Abode
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The Dark Prophesy Trilogy


Somerset, England



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Devil's Abode was a muggle ghost town, with a more heavily populated sister town called Dawnsbrook.


Permanent and non-permanent residents:

Homes and BusinessesEdit

The Snape's HouseEdit

The Snape's house is first seen/mentioned in chapter 33 (year 2; chapter 15)

Described throughout the story as grand in comparison to the houses surrounding in the town of Devil's Abode. 

(models based on description in the book)

  • Guest Bathroom
  • Sitting Room in guest half of houseGo to
  • Guest Bedroom, first floorGo to;_First_Floor
  • Guest Bedroom, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Guest Kitchen, first floorGo to,_First_Floor
  • Kelly and Susan's room, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Mirianda, Koteis and Jaybin's room, second floorGo to,_Koteis_and_Jaybin%27s_Room;_Second_Floor
  • Bathroom, second floor
  • Illumine and Serenia's room, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Balcony, second floor
  • Hallway, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Falin's room, second floorGo to's_room
  • Severus and Annenia's room, second floorGo to
  • Shower room, second floor
  • Hallway, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Hallway, second floorGo to;_Second_Floor
  • Kitchen/dining room, first floorGo to
  • Living Room, first floorGo to;_First_Floor
  • Entry Hall, First FloorGo to,_First_Floor
  • Outside view of houseGo to

The EustagioEdit

The Eustagio was run by Sjaanje Osdenage and his son, Nokmour Osdenage, passed down from many generations of the Osdenage Family, and was presumably named after Eustagio Osdenage, not Sjaanje's father, but his great, great grandfather.

Legends and MythsEdit

The town both grew and evaporated based on the famous legend for which the town was named. Devil's Abode was named by the founder of the town, who was a muggle that had witnessed magic and mistook it for satanism. Over the years, the stories became more frightening, and the towns' appeal deteriorated.

Snape's Journey in 1986Edit

Although travel from Malfoy Manor, located in Wiltshire, to Devil's Abode, located in Somerset, would only take a maximum of two hours, it took Severus Snape, Bellatrix Black and their children three days via train to reach Devil's Abode, located on the far outskirts of Somerset. Why? It is speculated that the train was taking the long route, rather than the fastest route, as it had many other stops along the way and took far more time than should have been necessary. However, it is also speculated that J.K. was not paying proper attention to detail when she wrote this particular part of the story.

The Devil of Devil's AbodeEdit

The 'careless wizard' that was labeled a devil was never mentioned by name, though some believe it was Severus Snape or one of his children, or even one of the Osdenage's.